Naadi Dosh

Naadi Dosh

Naadi Dosh in Bangalore

Naadi is pulse. A vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) checks naadi to ascertain tatva imbalance so that tridosh (vata, pitta, and kapha) can be balanced in the body. Any imbalance in these three will lead to diseases (dis-ease) in the body.

From Vedic jyotish point of view, if we can find out which naadi a person belongs to, then we would know what kind of diseases the person shall be prone to.

There are 3 Types of Naadi Astrology.

Adi: Vata is dominant.

Madhya: Pitta dominant.

Ant: Kapha dominant.

For marriage, same naadi for both boy and girl is not recommended. If the naadi are same, then as per Vedic jyotish there is a naadi dosh (fault). Such alliances are avoided.

Naadi Dosh

It is believed that if the naadi are same then the progeny/child/off spring shall have health issues (weakness at birth, heart problem or some other heath issues). For example if the boy is ant naadi and the girl is also ant naadi then the child will have lot of cough/cold/lungs/liver problems (kapha element being more). Same naadi creates childbirth related issues.

Dissimilar Naadi helps crossbreeding (Wow!)

That is why it is ascertained that the bride and groom families are not related by blood. Until some time back in India, it was insisted that there should not have been any blood relations between the bride and groom’s for last seven generations. This was done to ensure that the boy and girl are not genetically same.

The genetic inheritance dis-similarity used to ensure good and healthy progeny.

We use crossbreeding to create better crops, fruits, and plants. Strong traditional bull’s semen of far off countries is used to impregnate local cows for strong and healthier calves.

Avoidance of naadi dosha actually encourages crossbreeding

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