Astrology & Aura chakra

Astrology & Aura Chakra

Astrology & Aura chakra in Bangalore

Our physical body is made of pancha bhoot (five basic element) : earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

None of these elements have prana (life force).

The electrical body, in and around the physical gives life to it. Example: Imagine a fan without electricity as a physical body. A fan can rotate only when electricity is connected to it. Same happens with our body (like a fan) and electricity (aura).

This electrical body , also known as aura or sukshma sharira , surrounds our physical body and works as a medium to receive energies from the universe and supply positive energies to us. We can also say that this electrical body is nothing but the mirror of our inner body electromagnetic field. That is why, when we meditate and do chakra balancing through mudra and beeja mantra chanting, the dimension and quality of aura changes. Another way to explain is that our body is like a sponge, which is soaked in water i.e auric body. In the absence of this body, we are dead ( as the panch bhoot sharira has no life).

Aura chakra in Bangalore
Astrology & Aura chakra

This auric body also helps us to dissipate negative energies from our body. We can thus say that the aura is a trans-receiver-cum-filter for energy exchange, which helps maintain a homeostasis in our body and mind.

We stay on earth, which is in solar system. That is why; the sun and sun light control and influence our auric body predominantly.

The sunlight has a spectrum of nine frequencies. Infrared (IR), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultra violet (UV).

IR and UV are invisible to our naked eyes.

Sun light spectrum shown on the left side.

Aura chakra

There are seven "points in the auric body", known as chakra or energy vortices, where concentrated energy exchanges happen. We can say that our physical body and this auric body are connected to each other intensively at seven major junction points of our endocrine system, as shown above in the picture.

Around the periphery of these seven chakra points, 100 points are identified as Chinese acupuncture points, totaling to 700 points.

Each chakra operates in a frequency band. At the base of the spinal cord is the root chakra, also known as Mooladhar Chakra.

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