Anahata (Heart) chakra

Anahata (Heart) chakra in Bangalore

Anahata (Heart) chakra in Bangalore

Above Manipura chakra is the Anahata (Heart) chakra. It is over the heart region.

Symptoms of a Block in the Heart chakra

When this chakra is blocked, then the person does not trust other people. He or she thinks the whole world is untrustworthy.

He or she becomes incapable of loving others. Every person looks like a cheat. He or she finds it difficult to relate to others.

If the heart chakra is blocked, the person does not love himself/herself. He/she doubts everybody and finds it difficult to fall in love.

An overactive heart chakra can lead to over-sensitivity and make a person very emotional. They are cheated very quickly and are gullible. They are incredibly generous to the point that they land in trouble often.

Cholesterol and artery blockages, water in the lungs, liver cirrhosis, heaviness in the heart, enlarged liver, etc. are indicators of imbalanced heart chakra.

Imbalanced heart chakra indicators

These people have a cold look and a cold heart. They never warm up to any conversation.

You find them standing aloof in a corner at parties. They do not trust others and are more intent on finding imaginary hidden motives when someone approaches them for a conversation.

They doubt the character and integrity of other people and are perpetual faultfinders.

Mercury (Budha) controls and influences this chakra. If Mercury is well positioned in your chart but is weak and/or not positioned in right place or creating obstacles because wrong associations with other planetary energies then Pundit commander Santosh Kumar Sharma may recommend you Rudraksha to balance these energies.

If you experience such imbalances then you must consult Pundit Santosh Sharmaa for an astro consultation to find the state of Mercury (Budha).

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