Mercury (Budha) Graha

Mercury (Budha) Graha

Mercury Budha Graha in Bangalore

Mercury (Budha) Graha in Bangalore

This graha is for peace and tranquility in the heart. If Mercury is bad in astro chart then the person attracts wrong people to his/her life unknoPunditly those who give pain and sufferings to him/her. As this graha rules over heart chakra, it can effect all vital organs like heart, liver, lungs and pancreas also adversely.

Mercury is also for memory and intelligence. Students face many issues if Mercury is vakri or debilitated.

Budha Graha has a tendency to behave like the other graha with which it occupies a house in astro chart. For example, if it is with Saturn then it acquires some properties of Saturn and so on. Sitting in marriage house , it can effect the sexual orientation of a person and in some cases with other combinations can lead to extra-marital relations.

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