Rahu Graha

Graha effects of rahu dosha in Bangalore

Graha Rahu Dosha in Bangalore

Rahu is depicted as head in ancient pictures and because of this, people think that Rahu influences the head region.

In Hindu scriptures, Rahu is referred as Chhayaa (shadow). It is correct because IR, which Pundit commander Santosh Kumar Sharma refers as Rahu, is invisible to naked eyes.

If you stand near a water body and look at your shadow, the reflection on water will be reversed i.e. your head will be down and feet up. That is why, Pundit commander Santosh Kumar Sharma says that Rahu effects the lower part of the body and NOT the head (head is down on water shadow as chhayaa).
Graha Rahu Dosha in Bangalore

IR is in between Red and Micro woven frequency range and hence has the element of heat. Heat is required for origination, growth, and sustenance of all organisms and living beings. That is why, Rahu is such an essential form of energy.

Rahu in exalted form can bestow power and authority and can make one a leader. It can give name, fame, and honor. However, a malefic or wrongly placed Rahu can create restlessness and generate unbridled anger.

Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India. Rahu played a major role in his life.

Rahu if it is ill placed can create unnecessary fears and doubts about self and others. A person feels like running away from the place of stay. Rahu can make a person schizophrenic and mad. It can also lead to series of abortions and makes it difficult to conceive a child. Rahu is capable of destroying marriage and can lead to divorce. One can become addicted to alcohol and drugs because of Rahu. All these can happen if Rahu is wrongly placed in your chart.

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