Kaala Sarpa Dosh

Kaala Sarpa Dosh

Kaala Sarpa Dosh in Bangalore

Majority of the people think that it is some sort of black snake blemish.

When all the grahas are placed on one side of Rahu and Ketu, we say that a person has a KaalaSarpa dosh.

In this chart, all graha are on the left side of Rahu-Ketu axis. I agree that the person has Kalasarpa Dosh. However, I don’t agree the literal meaning of kala sarpa dosh. People donate gold/silver/copper snake at temples or to a brahmin to come out of this dosh. This does not make any sense. I understand it in a different way.
Kaala Sarpa Dosh

Goddess Kali stands over Shiva, the Maha Kaala. Kaala means time. It is a pictorial depiction of Kali being beyond time (Kaala).

The Kaala word of “Kaala Sarpa’ comes from Kaali because she is the origin of Kaala (time). She is beyond Kaala. However, we all are within Kaala. We all have taken birth and someday we will die.

There is another word Sarpa in Kaala Sarpa. Sarpa means snake. The snakes are always depicted as a sign of energy in Hindu mythology and spirituality. The kundalini of aura-chakra, the snake around Shiva’s neck or lord Ganesh having a snake around his belly are indications of energy movements at different energy spheres (watch my you tube videos to know more).

Snakes do not have legs to move and they have to crawl. That is why, in my opinion and understanding, the KaalaSarpa dosh is all about one’s life journey, which is full of struggles.

A person having KaalaSarpa dosh has to work hard all of his/her life. It is not that they do not get success but the quantum of struggle is disproportionate to the overall achievement. Please remember that I am talking about life’s success in totality and not only about material success. I am talking about family, children, peace, wealth all bundled into one. KaalaSarpa dosh makes life difficult.

Rudraksha are extremely beneficial for resolving KaalaSarpa dosh, compared to other methods.

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