Gemstones in Bangalore

Gemstones in Bangalore

As discussed earlier gemstones are boosters. You should be very careful while you wear a gemstone. Or else, it would do more harm than any good. This is especially true for Blue sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn (Shani), Hessonite or Gomedh for Rahu and Cat’s Eye stone or Lahsuniya for Ketu.

To be in a safer side, always wear rudraksha for Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

If you feel that you must wear a Blue Sapphire (Neelam) because of your inner calling, I suggest you meet me in person to analyze your astro chart and understand the position of Saturn in your life.

Why do I say that you should be very careful about wearing a gemstone?

Gemstones are dug from deep earth. Because of tectonic pressure, the gemstones acquire radioactive properties and keep on radiating negative ions of chemicals these are composed of.


These negative ions interact with your electrolytes in blood plasma.

Let me explain to you by one example why one should not wear gemstone for a graha, which is NOT good in your chart:

You know that Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) is prescribed for Jupiter. Yellow sapphire is composed of Aluminum Oxide, which works in the brain. Jupiter is for wisdom, which is a brain activity. When I say that Jupiter is bad in your chart, I am referring to Aluminum Oxide contents in your brain is more. What will happen if you wear a Yellow Sapphire? It will increase the Aluminum Oxide in your brain and lead to an imbalance resulting in forgetfulness, Alzheimer, and Parkinson diseases.

If the salt content in your food is already more, would you put more salt into it? Same is with Yellow Sapphire and Jupiter graha.

That is why, I say that if Jupiter is bad in your chart then do not wear a yellow sapphire.

If it is vakri i.e. less powerful then you should wear.

What kind of gemstone you should wear and of what size?

Astrologically suitable gemstones should Not have been treated with colors or/and heated. Why?

Majority of the gemstones available in the market are from Thailand and Bangkok. These are manmade and not naturally found under the earth. From astrological point of view, these stones are NOT suitable. People buy these stones because they are not aware about these facts. It has some placebo effects and people feel good for some time but as the time pass by, the feel-good wanes away.

In many cases, stones (may be natural) are filled with colors with laser drilling to look like Yellow or Blue Sapphire or Emerald etc. For astrological purpose, the gemstone should have natural colors because of the chemicals present in the stone. Artificially color filled stones are of no use in astrological solutions.

Many a times, gemstones are heated to create luster and shine. It may be okay with ruby or yellow sapphire but strictly NO for Blue Sapphire. You must note that sun and Saturn are contra forces and any heat applied to a stone will be counterproductive and such stones if worn for Saturn will give adverse results. Such stones will do more harm than good.

Natural unheated and untreated gemstones are costly and costs between 25,000/ to 80,000/ Indian rupees per carat for average size stones. Bigger stones can be more costly. It is better not to wear any stone then wearing a fake or heated/treated gemstone.

Gemstones in Bangalore

What should be the size/ weight?

You should not worry about size or weight. Generally, astrologers recommend 4 to 7 carats gemstones. Some astrologers say that women can wear half of the weight compared to males i.e. 2 to 3.5 carats.

I, per se, do not find any logic or justification for these recommendations. We know that natural unheated and untreated gemstones are costly. It is prudent to wear a small size/weight gemstone that is astrologically suitable than wearing a big stone which is not suitable from astrological point of view.

Lab test Certificate

Majority of certificates are fake because there are no strict guidelines. There is no MRP rates on gemstones and lab test certificates are forged in many cases ( like degree certificates are available fake).

One of my clients showed me a 5 carats blue sapphire stone with certificate (which she purchased online) for Rs. 5,000/. How can this be genuine? Please use your common sense and do not waste your hard-earned money.

Please buy gemstone from reliable source after doing inquiries about the genuineness of seller. It is more important than the lab certificates. Ask for a GST bill as a proof of purchase.

What metal to use for rings and how to wear?

For all gemstones, we can use silver. Silver is a good conductor. Gold can be used for yellow sapphire. Some astrologers recommend asta dhatu for blue sapphire. However, who makes asta dhatu now days? Use silver. Do not use gold for Blue sapphire.

If you are right handed person, wear yellow sapphire on index, blue sapphire on middle, ruby on ring finger and pearl on small finger of your right hand.. Wear Emerald on left hand small finger.

N.B.: If you are a left-handed person, do opposite. Emerald can be worn as a pendant over heart region. Acids/ detergents and other cleansers can interact with natural gemstone and damage it. Emerald is prone to moisture content in the air. Put some oil over emerald once a while or else it may crack.

Gemstones in Bangalore

N.B.: You must ensure that the graha for which you are going to wear a gemstone is good for you.

What about Nava graha stone ring?

It is strictly NO from me. It does not make any sense to wear nava graha stones together. Why should you wear stones for grahas, which are bad for you? Secondly, wearing ruby (for sun) and blue sapphire (for Saturn) together catastrophic. It is like putting fire and petrol together.

Never do this. It is prudent to wear nine rudraksha beads for nine grahas. We discussed about this in the rudraksha description .

We, at White lotus spirituality, provide original, lab-tested Gemstones from Srilanka/Zambia/Columbia with proper GST bills. Gemstone is given only after astrological analysis and personalized puja at our centre.